PA-757 ABS POLYLAC® Plastic Materials Supplied by CHI MEI CORPORATION
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ABS is a copolymer of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene, Its heat-resistance and solvent-resistance are better than HIPS. Besides, it has glass. Due to the stronger Cyantic polAcrylonitrile,themutual action of the PS molecule chain is streng then up. Therefore, the impact strength, the tensile strength and the surface hardness of ABS are better than HIPS.
Generally, the higher percentage of Acrylonitrile, the better the heat-resistance, rigidity and solvent-resistance, however, the worse the flow character; the base color of the plastic is a little yellow, but while injection mold, its mechanical and size stability are very good. Due to the above advantages, ABS resin becomes an excellent engineering plastic.
The POLYLAC® ABS resin of Chi Mei is the most diversified copolymer of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene in the market. Our unique technique enables ABS Resin has its special match and assembly on strength, stability, and process ability. The quality, color dyeing and appearance of POLYLAC® of Chi Mei have won the trust from the customers.
POLYLAC® has been widely accepted and is used in business machinery, electronic parts, communication apparatus, PC, electric appliance, auto parts, bathroom ware, suitcase, faucet and other household items. POLYLAC® covers all kinds of specification in the market, and it has passed the UL and C-UL approval. There are general-purpose grade, high-flow grade, extrusion grade, flame-retardant grade, high-heat grade and transparent grade etc., specification, which may be instantly supplied. In addition, it also coordinates with new purpose to blossom out new grade so as to develop new market.
 General Purpose Grade   
  This ABS resin has the characteristics of high gloss, high impact, electric-plated etc., There are nice kinds of general purpose grade ABS which are PA-707, PA-757, PA-717C, PA-727, PA-726, PA-747,PA-797 and PA-709 etc. seven kinds of general purpose grade ABS.
PA-707 PA-757G J08 PA-757 PA-717C PA-727 PA-726 PA-747 PA-709 PA-797
 High Flow Grade   
  This is high flow ABS, which is used in large home appliances, motorcycle body cover, thin material forming item, etc., forming products. There are 7 kind of high flow grade ABS which are PA-756, PA-756S, PA-756H, PA-716, PA-746, PA-746H and PA-737, etc.
PA-756 PA-756S PA-756H PA-716 PA-746 PA-746H PA-737
 Extrusion Grade   
  This is a low flow ABS suitable for extrusion sheet material and pipes, which is used in lining of the refrigerator, briefcase, pipe and large containers. There are PA-747R, PA-747F, PA-747S and PA-709S, etc. four kinds of extrusion grade ABS.
PA-747R PA-747F PA-747S PA-709S
 Flame Retardant Grade   
  This is a flame retardant resin, which is suitable for computer case and accessories, electronic products, business machine, etc, products that must meet UL94 standard requirement. There are PA-763, PA-764, PA-764B, PA-765, PA-765A and PA-765B, etc.
PA-763 PA-763A PA-765 PA-765A PA-765B PA-764 PA-764B
 High Heat Grade   
  This is high heat ABS, which is suitable for high temperature requirement products. It is used for cover of heating electric home appliance, such as: hair dryer, air heater, auto parts and components, such as dashboard, etc. There are PA-777B, PA-777D, and PA-777E, three kinds of high heat ABS.
PA-777B PA-777D PA-777E
 Transparent Grade     
  This is a transparent ABS. Its properties are same as general purpose ABS resin. The current transparent ABS products are PA-758 and PA-758R.
PA-758 PA-758R
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